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Burglar Systems

We offer a full line of detection products:​

  • Motion Detectors

  • 360 Degree Motions

  • Door Contacts

  • Glass Break Detectors

  • Pressure Pads

  • Mag Pulls

  • Over Head Door Contacts

  • PE Beams


  • Ademco Vista 250 BP (Addressable)

  • Ademco Vista 20 SE

  • Symphony Key Pads


  • 24hr Door with Audible and Control Center Notification

  • System Integration with CCTV

  • Systems up to 1,000,000 sq feet

  • Customer Remote Administration

We specialize in addressable systems, with our largest 
    systems protecting over 1 million square feet.

An example of a 24hr door.  Utilizing a SIM encoded door contact for individual point identification.  On exiting the door a local sounder will sound.  Other benefits include CCTV integration for PTZ trips, full arm reporting, pager notification, etc.  All of our security systems are in conduit from the ceiling down in warehouse applications.

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